Monday, 16 November 2009

its been great

its been quite a few years since i set up the pike and predators fly fishing site back then i was happy just to keep a record of flies i made and to give fellow pike fly anglers a few ideas for flies , its progressed massively since those early days and really its been down to people worldwide mailing me with different ideas and wanting to know how to tie things which i have been and always will be happy to do so id like to say a massive thanks to those fellow faceless fly anglers who it has been my pleasure to speak to over the years you know who you are , if you haven't visited the site click the picture below to pay a visit for loads of step by steps on predator flys and off course all for free and if theres something you want to tie but cant find a step by step just mail me and ill do one for free of course there will always be new stuff added so keep checking back

you know it wasn't that long ago that here in the UK us pike fly anglers were considered a bit weird and a bit wacky and really not pike anglers at all a bit of an oddity in pike fishing circles and something that would fail to take off in the UK .

well how wrong did they get it the pike fly fishing association in the UK is now the 3rd biggest club in the country and growing all the time why its quite simple we have been able to approach game anglers who were looking to do something different but didn't want to and had no inclination to go out and buy loads of new tackle to pike fish i.e lure dead baits etc this we were able to do by being associated with the salmon and trout association and by getting out there to region meetings giving fly tying demos and talks on fly fishing for pike , and the interest has been massive among them in the sport and so the club continues to grow through the pffa management team which it has been my pleasure to part of for quite a few years now and still the fire burns bright within the whole team the future is bright

and to think they said it wouldn't last and they thought it was wrong to fly fish for them well i guess you have been proved very wrong and the word band wagon springs to mind

so again to all the Friends i have meet and fished with to the guys I'm going to fish with to the people i swap ideas with over 3 hour skype calls i thank every single one of you for flying in the face of adversity .


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