Tuesday, 24 November 2009

up ye ya bugger

I'm having a really crazy week at work I'm on 7am till 11 pm most nights so I'm getting zero time at the vice and its driving me fecking nuts , now what doesn't help when ken capsey from
http://pikeadventures.blogspot.com/ starts mailing you fly patterns now that's pure torture cheers bro ill return the favour. it also doesn't help when john from orvis in Edinburgh gets a load of lovely pikey type materials in for me ,and on my lunch half hour i go pick em up knowing full well i cant do a damm thing with them till Monday that's the same as somebody taking you to an unfished lake let you stand there watching hawgs cruising about and then telling you theres no fishing allowed..........aahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
so you faithful readers of my blog know that 99.9% of the patterns i put on my blog and website are pretty much pike patterns hey i love pike don't bust my backside but sometimes i do venture out to the local rainbow trout fishery to catch some ultra fresh bows why you fishing for them i here you ask well its quite simple i like eating them and i think the taste is superb if you eat it the same day you caught it, and ill never ever buy one from a supermarket ...but sorry i digress

so capsey the footless (don't ask) sends me these patterns that i need for a pond we are going to fish for brook trout when i hit the state of Vermont in may , so that will be a very cool change for me to go back to my roots as a kid living on the banks of the river tweed and do some trout patterns (although i suspect i may need a magnifier)
so ken sent me this picture of one of his wooly buggers as a guide to what to bring and of course straight away ive looked at it and thought to myself if i tweak that and adjust that add a bit of this and in that colour oh and what about doing some of that on the tail and in my mind ive come up with a brand new bugger fly well if that wernt enough i gone and looked at my fly in an empty cupboard in my brain and thought i could ramp my design up and add this and that to make a pike fly well thats its the cogs are turning and im burning to get back to the vice Monday
so what will next week bring well im going to be doing a tutorial on making extra long bucktail decivers for pike and muskie and ill also be doing a very cool high tie in colours that work great in scotland and will look very cool
im also going to be tying some brand new never before seen flies for predators with a new tying medium that i think is going to be killer for the like of pike but i think will be devastating for wallyeye , zander large and smallmouths watch this space from monday and remember were you read it first
tight lines fellow flingers

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