Monday, 18 October 2010

adventures in critters

ok so latest step by step is done for one of my facebook fly fishing freinds jose who asked for some tips on tying it of course im happy to oblige anybody that wants to learn so jose please enjoy this step by step for a hot core

again all the videos can be found on the pffa webiste and scroll down the menue for fly tying , and of course if you wish to use any of my videos thats fine but please let me know where there going theres also loads on please feel free to share anybody that could benifit from them .....................:-)


furry critters

ken over at pike adventures has always done well on fur critters , bunny bugs and the like in fact a lot of people do very well on bunny bugs for me there what id call my bogey fly i mean I've caught the odd fish on them and they look fantastic in the water so its not surprising that people catch a lot of fish on then so as I've got a trip on this week I'm going to give them a good go

so to the design ken does this really funky bunny bug with a built up head I've always like that fly so decided to do my own version of it so first up was a basic yellow bunny with 9mm eyes on a gold braid type material that i picked up from a local sewing shop and a layer of 5 min epoxy and i have a nice looking capsey type bunny bug and i have no reason looking at this to think it wouldn't catch fish

so with that and with my head being like it is i thought what about adding a bit more sprinkling of sparkly stuff in it , so i thought about it and thought OK i could do a wrap of fur tie in some flash then do another wrap of fur and the end result is below and looks good to me

what I've also done on this tie is added the eyes lower so there not centered on the hook so by adding the epoxy into the space what your are doing is changing the center of gravity with the weight of the epoxy so doing that in theory it will fish hook up , as you can see from the picture below it sits hook up so bodes well for the water test this week

what im actually thinking now is doing a schulpin version of fly i think that would work quite well slow fished across the bottom watch this space , so thanks again for the idea ken .
must say a big massive congratulations to a Friend Brian who Mrs is now expecting a mini grill I'm delighted for them couldn't have happened to a nicer couple
also a great big feckin well done to pat cohen who hooked into and landed his first salmon nice buddy full story can be be found on his warm water blog in the blog roll
and finally i have to say a big massive thanks to my brother ken who after me playing a game of online chequers via skype video i pulled a move on ken which resulted in him going nooooooooo as he realised id just busted his ass for the 29Th time and he fell of the back of his chair i haven't laughed so much in ages ......
so on that happy note ill catch ya all later
(pissing of idiots for 35 years)


Pat Cohen (smalliestalker) said...

nice flies on there man....good lip ripping stuff...and thanks...

pikepicker said...

nice bro those are way better than mine!!!! I'd write a longer line but I seem to have lost that really comfy chair I used to sit in ...hmmmmmmmmmmmmm oh yeah it fuckin broke!!!! hahahahahahahaha