Saturday, 30 October 2010

raptor fibre adventures and work

simply crap this week no other word for it the wife finished all her exams at the end of last week i had a really long weekends work ahead of me and then i was fishing on Tuesday well that was the plan till the weather turned really nasty on Monday night and with gales force winds blowing about it just wasn't worth taking the risk of a 4/0 in the back of the head so i planned to go later in the week and it would give me a chance to catch up on some fish i had to do

well that was the plan anyway as i sit here contemplating going to work I'm watching the trees outside swaying from side to side i realise the weeks been a write of fishing wise hopefully next week will be better but i did get a lot of flies tied oh well ...................
so I'm really into doing the hot core flies at the moment they just look good and I've got a whole heap of ideas for them so something to look forward to playing with the ideas next week , somebody who shall remain nameless said to me this week on these flies
"all ya need is a diving lip and a treble hook you know where I'm coming from"
great quote that

ready to go , well if you cant get out and fish then you may as well tie flies

I've also been playing some more with piketreks raptor fibre and enjoying the results , as you saw in the last post id mixed it with other fibres well what I've done now is just tied it using the raptor fibre alone and nothing else these are tied with very little of the material on the actual hook as you can see from the pictures below , this gives a very nice free flowing fly which will have plenty of movement in the water which lets face it is what you want that dying agitated bait fish movement
overall I'm happy with the flies above although on the top one I've overdone the orange a bit ill just cut it back a bit but with the Mr bond head on them they will work really well in the water
firetiger pattern
you really cant go wrong with a firetiger colour always worth having them in your fly box , if you interested in the raptor fibre and lets face it you cant fail not to be interested then you can find it on piketreks site here raptor fibre have fun

if your not aware the pike fly fishing association has its own club website and members only forum but it also has its own blog which can be found here so if you follow my blog go over and check them out as there always the odd interesting snippet on there and if you go and look down there side menu you'll find some great step by steps which is being added to all the time and you don't need to be a club member to see it or check out the videos here's a sample

high tie from PFFA on Vimeo.

so with that i wish you tight lines if your one of those lucky people who are getting out today and remember a big fish is only a fisherman's tale if you don't have a picture so make sure those batteries are fully charged and your cameras packed in your bag

(a cave in Scotland)

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