Thursday, 7 October 2010

big big flies

playing with big patterns day today
yup time to mess with some really big flies for no other reason than i fancied doing it , not seen really big stuff anyones blogs lately not that i need to steal ideas or anything if i get an idea from somebody ill happily give them a name check for it i think its pretty low stealing ideas as your own oh yes it happens twats go out and steal stuff because they haven't got the brains cells to think of something themselves like I've seen it happen so if you do want to copy anything go ahead but at least give the tier a name check they don't mind it happened to me recently with ulf hagstrom he had a great little pattern so i did my spin on it and gave him the name check well nits only the right thing to do you see some of the best patterns have been developed from the smallest idea that somebody's picked up on and adapted so think on
rattled up i sure am i love tying with rattles and sometimes they can give you an edge particular in coloured water here's a rattle I've tied onto a big bunny type fly and one of my new hooks I'm trying out

so the finished product below by using piketreks spectrum twist great looking big fly with great movement and flash , how could i possibly know that , well I've been tying flies since i was a kid tying flies for the trout on the river tweed i know what makes a good fly don't need to get it wet i know its gonna be good and do what its made for you cant buy experience
this fly looked good i know what it will do in the water so i thought id just play with some ideas adding a bit of flash here some bucktail there different colour eyes etc and see what comes out my brain mmmmm works for me

the purple throbber

hey if ivory tower productions is good enough for pike trek videos them the purple throbber is a good enough name for this fly , the chaps at piketrek do this fantastic colour called shiner its basically black synthetic hair with an angel hair like flash through it , and it looks brilliant so as i was on a big fly kick i decided a big purple throbber was called for uncle Greg will no doubt be spraying his dinner over the computer screen when he reads that one

you've been tangoed I'm into using bright fluro type colours as a core then tying in a lighter colour over the top adding a bit of flash here and there , and to be honest I'm impressed with the results so far the core colours really shine through and I've got a few ideas to improve on it, these are big flies there designed for big predators 10 , 11 12 inch flies are the norm here but don't be shocked with the lengths because as there made from piketreks synthetics there are light as anything and the movement in the water (yes i have tried them) is unbelievable they move like nothing you've ever seen before

scrappy dappy doo

i had some scraps of arc chrome left in the bottom of a box now being of north of the border origin i really don't waste anything I've even done flies with one eye before because I've lost the matching one i get asked wheres the other eye , it was in a fight and lost it i reply , seriously i waste nothing the stuff i could throw away would keep a trout fly tier in materials for 20 years .
so with that in mind i created this monster below nothing much to look at but it has movement and flash so that's good enough to get something interested

more furry creations
well ya cant beat playing with a bit of fur and again big massive flies were the order of the day i was going to put a layer of epoxy round these but i really don't think they need it as there is enough weight with hook and its never good having your fur on the heavy side as it soaks up the water and combine that with the weight of a hook and it could get a bit heavy on the casting
the rabbit strip I've used is from hareline I've tried a few company's in the past but always found hairline to be the most consistent in length and colour you can go back and buy the same material years later and be assured that you'd get the same colour

same kind of idea as above except I've just palmerd the fur behind the spectrum fibre as with the others there is a rattle buried in the spectrum a bit more streamlined this one

so to take things up a level I've split bunnied this one and added the spectrum as a flash head i would imagine that a fish may mistake this fly as a frog in the water as the double strip does look like a frogs rear legs stripped and paused , some people I'm aware do put a stiff mono loop behind the hook to stop the fur tangling when cast , although i must admit I've never had this problem myself so i never add a loop

so that's that a very productive day for tying

all the materials I've used on the flies are available from the following
spectrum fibre
pike body material (synthetics)
are available from
the brilliant 3d eyes are available from
other stuff going on is there is a couple of brilliant new fly tying videos from the piketrek lads here's just one from YouTube if you enjoy what you see sign up to them on YouTube they have some great videos to watch i know they will never win an Oscar but neither did steptoe and son nice job lads

so till next time
tight lines

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