Monday, 11 October 2010

step by steps

oh my god wow
check out this awesome new raptor fibre from piketrek i feel a tying frenzy coming on
from the piketrek site
"Supplied in big double hanks 9" long, this is a superb material for tying pike, zander and perch patterns. If you are planning a trip to the 'States then you really ought to be using this to make up all those bass-bugs that you're going to need! Lovely shiny material with a great "feel" and wonderful moblity in the water.

Terrific for smaller pike-fly patterns up to five inches long or so, and available in some fantastic, life-like colours which are perfect for imitating living, munchable creatures!

Really easy to use and ties in a dream, creating wonderful bushy flies with very little build-up on the hook. Takes all manner of varnishes, glues, pantone pens etc. really well, making the tying of professional-looking predator flies a real doddle! Top class"

a new step by step

if you go on over to the pffa blog you ll see I've added another step by step into the side menu this is also available on the pffa website

now i know there is a lot of video tying stuff out there already but I'm just adding my bit and yes its not video as such with talking words and moving pictures but I've found a few people have said its easier to follow by doing it this way as they can pause on the clips so a pleasure to help .

i will be doing some proper video stuff at some point

on a different note id like to wish my bro ken capsey a big massive happy birthday i hope the parcel gets there this week

tight lines all


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pikepicker said...

well done brother!!! I added your step by step to P.A. I think it is a great step by step and will need ya to show how I can do a video like that.