Saturday, 23 October 2010

team green and other storys

down with the long weekend shift again in fact I'm not going home at all this weekend because by the time i get home in the small hours of Sunday morning its pretty much time for me to come straight back to work so i guessed that I've got pretty much everything i need to have a comfortable stay so may as well the wife gets the remote control the whole bed and i get the fly tying gear and rock radio being streamed into my office pretty much yea that rocks pretty well with me so stage one is complete
office rock (yup that's really my office at work)

so having got my tying stuff ready its time now to eat and unfortunately despite having an industrial kitchen area at work i plump for the TV dinner it said on the box steaklet now i was pretty sure there was actually no meat near this box at all but time was running out and i needed to get back to work , so stuck it in the microwave for the obligatory 9 Min's on high and leave to stand for a minute to cool , actually you'd be better leaving it a couple of hours to cool down as the bloody thing was thermonuclear i tasted a bean and i swear it burnt a whole right through my body it was so hot the bean juice was akin to laver fresh out a volcano Jesus put a warning on the box or at least a disposable Geiger counter
the offending meal (did i say meal)

yet again more adventures in furry critters

just the way it is with me ill just get a flurry of ideas hit me at once and then that's it i gotta run with it as you ll have guessed this week its been bunny bug type furry critters mainly for chucking next week I'm really going all out to catch on the bloody things and my confidence was high id made what i thought was some pretty cool critters .


and then the feckin postman comes a knocking this morning with a bag of goodies from the chaps at piketrek included was a bag of bloody great looking gold eyes well of course I'm straight up for thinking bloody hell these would look great on a critter so of to orvis i went as surprisingly id run out of fur well green anyway so some was purchased and i set to work again ,


with the eyes being self sticking its so easy just to stick em on and add a few layers at a time of piketreks Mr bond and its job done but of course although Ive done a couple of critters with the new eyes my mind says to me well i guess i could do some without eyes as well and the cycle continues and really the only way to break it is to .........well you cant break it , its an addiction like any other except it hasn't got a medical name and theres no cure for it not that id want one anyway guess ill just keep doing it till either i drop , or i fall asleep

so you got the itch you cant scratch what do you do keep tying off course , well while i was in orvis i did what you should never do in orvis i let my eyes wander and they rested on some lovely white magnum zonker strip i shouldn't have looked i really shouldn't have but it was too late i had a vision of a white critter with a red head the classic colour pattern it had to be done so i dragged myself to the counter and passed over the cash well the kids could do with losing a bit of weight so i spent Monday's grocery money however there is an apple tree in the garden so the kids will still eat till i get paid and it will be really healthy for them as well

all it really is a different slant on the classic bunny bug fly all I've done is added flash while I've palmerd up the shaft and epoxied an eye on for a little weight , the other 2 white flys above have simply got a thin coat of Mr bond to seal the head this will sink slightly slower than the version below so should be able to explore the water layers better with just a floating line

so i set about my task of playing with the lovely lime green fur id picked up and just really pissed about with some ideas mainly with changing different things on the head like adding fluro eyes as below
one of the not so weighty versions the head is just orvis lime crinkle flash as the main body flash all I've done is taken a dozen strands and wrapped them around the head added Mr bond to seal it and not bad looking for a bit of fur on a 4/0 hook yea it will catch fish i think

below is basically the same as the fly above except that I've added a small piece of orange crinkle flash in the throat area just for that little bit of something different , sometimes when your fishing and not catching just a simple thing like changing a small something whether it be a different fly completely , a different colour on the same fly or a smaller pattern this can be the difference between catching and not catching its quite amazing that a subtle difference as small as a colour can led to fish on the bank or not

of course you need some flies that are going to hit the bottom and go after those fish that ain't wasting energy in winter those fish that are hard down on the deck then you got to get down there to catch them no good searching the surface if there on the deck and not moving, my local ill cover an area searching the water then ill stick a dumbbell headed something on and cover the same area with a fly on the deck again its ringing the changes just because you ain't caught don't mean there not there and of course i had to dumbbell the critters , see what i mean about addiction ......AAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH

this will probably the last one i tie as i now have a box full of various colours and variations and the only thing that's going to stop me next week is if its raining hard my fish just don't like it when its raining full stop , and i bloody hope I'm not tempting fate by saying that ......

the green team ready to go , yup with what i also have at home i don't think I'm going to run out for a while

so with that furry critter addiction out of my system for a few days my mind was turning to some more synthetic patterns so i decided to go for a leg stretch out the back of my work and what do you think i found in the rubbish , a great big black yoga mate made of closed cell foam do you know how many gurglers i could get out of that well I'm going to do some tonight because i have an idea .................oh shit its started again
tight lines fly tiers around the world
c ya all soon
(a cave in Scotland)

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Pat Cohen (smalliestalker) said...

Good looking flies man....I wish I could tie flies at my office...people don't appreciate feathers in their tattoos though