Thursday, 21 October 2010

more adventures in furry critters

more adventures indeed , you know i enjoyed tying up the capsey inspired bunny bugs and cant wait to get out and fish them but it crossed my mind that i could probably do more with colours so here we go heres what i came up with yesterday and any resemblance to a real bunny bug is purely coincidental for those purists who are looking in
good enough to eat

epoxied head critter tied on a 4/0

(below) a hook up version with dumbell eyes again on 4/0 orange and gold always look good together

invention is the name off the game so with this purple fly all I've done is built up the head in the same style that ken over at pike adventures does but instead of building up the head with thread I've built it up with flash material and added a layer off pike treks Mr bond UV this is the cheapest on the market and the best value don't be fooled into paying for a name folks , looking at this it reminds me of a tarpon fly one thing i think it will demolish fish

the one below is pretty much the same design except I've added an eye and an epoxy head to get it down

black n silver

done a couple in black and silver without the big epoxy heads in fact again I've just added a fine layer of Mr bond to seal the head i quite like the idea of these just being worked slowly off the bottom I'm sure they will come alive in the water, added quite a a bit off flash on this one as I'm sure you know sometimes really flashy flies do do the business

got to have faith
its true if you have faith in a fly it will fish better for you and you'll fish it more often probably than other flies in your box and therefor catch more fish , I'm hoping that ill have crossed a line with these critter flies you see i did fish bunny's many many years ago but failed to catch on the consistently so they went out of favour with me as i started to develop other flies
but I'm incredibly enthusiastic about these ones and i have a session planned for Tuesday so ill give them a good go and i actually cant wait to fish em
tight lines
(a cave in Scotland)

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