Friday, 15 October 2010

crazy ass fish and twisty leaders

so what a week , yea i ain't been blogging too much this week reason I've been pretty tied up updating websites and stuff that needs doing every now and again hell I've not really been tying flies either the chances of getting near water this week are near on impossible but there is light at the end of the tunnel hell yes my ever hard working Mrs is on her final exams (shes a mature student before you think about calling the cops) so that's going to be done and dusted this week .
which means I'm going to hit the water with some new design subbugs next week and i cant wait these are made to float above the bottom and i reckon fished slow they will be a killer on my local but on the plus side my enforced layoff from fishiness means i have been able to concentrate a bit more on my other hobby's of collecting plastic firearms and vintage guitars
my interest was sparked this week when i was doing a little research for something else i came across this great little site below and i have looked at these kind of leaders before but never really made any headway but my interest has been sparked because these guys obviously know what there doing and have been doing it for a great many years and that's something you cant argue about so click the picture below to go to there site and see what its all about
Twisted Leader
Large Mouth Bass to Tarpon and Sailfish ... A Fly Fishing Leader with a twist


These "Big Game" Twisted Leaders have many applications for the saltwater fly fisher as well as for heavy duty freshwater use. Main advantages:

Extremely good turnover ... handles really large flies.
Shock absorbing qualities of helical twist construction ... lose fewer fish!
Strong and Durable ... the best choice for hard fighting fish and tough conditions.
Ideal for tarpon (babies to the big ones), peacock bass, stripers, redfish, snook, northern pike, large mouth bass, and many other species that demand a tough, great casting, shock absorbing leader. Even sailfish have been landed with this twisted leader.

The small fly in the photo to the right is a 3/0 Deceiver 5" in length. The larger flies are 8 - 9" long tied by Charlie Bisharat. It takes a Twisted Leader to turn these babies over!

Casts like a furled leader, but unlike furled leaders that are made with lightweight 2#, 4#, or 6# mono, these twisted leaders are constructed with heavier mono (20# test for most uses) resulting in a much stronger and more durable 'Big Game' leader.

Twisted leaders are inexpensive in the long run. For all but the largest and fastest species, these leaders last a long time with just tippet changes. Compare that to the longevity of a regular mono leader - no contest! Use sensibly ... inspect and replace after considerable use or catching large fish. If it shows wear, change it!

hank hewitts crazy trout

Take a look. This barely 12" trout whacked an almost 6" 4/0 deceiver I was throw'n late night on a 10wt in my trout river swinging for monsters. Thought you might get a kick out of it.

thanks for the picture hank
new stuff out now
threes a great deal of people out there who like to keep records i mean we all know where and when we caught our biggest fish and what we caught it on or as a lot of and , but its always nice to have something in print and heres the ideal thing for a few review and order details

see ya all soon


(demented in a cave in scotland wishing he was fishing for fall pike and drinking beers with my bro over a hot bbq somewhere in vermont )


James O Durbin II said...

Been using furled leaders for most of the year now. They work great. I use a 7 foot clear bone fish leader and run a couple of feet of fluorocarbon at the end. By the leader's with the small metal loop at the end or the small swivel. The others that end in leader material do not last very long.

pikepicker said...

tickle my tummy....thats fuckin funny!!!!

Razzle Dazzle said...

Twisted AND Demented.
Great post...Nice guitars.
Rock on.