Monday, 4 October 2010

eat me seymor

you know sometimes you find a pattern you just have to make because it either looks great or it well just looks great i had this moment today when i saw a fly by well know Swedish fly tying maestro ulf hagstrom and i thought I'm just going to have to tie them so i dug into my boxes for ideas and came up with a couple

ulfs ties looked like they were tied with synthetics so i dug about in my boxes and decided on piketreks synthetics for the job and a new hook type I'm trying out
it was fun making the pike snack theres so many ways you could do it this little roach pattern was done in 2 half's tying in each half then carrying on the material to the hook eye

so having done the first one i though well what can i do know and i thought how about doing a whole bait fish as a one Peace deal , so i made up the perch in the picture below just in my fingers without a hook then stuck some small deercreek eyes on with a thick gel superglue , i think it looks quite good

a closer look and you should be able to see how its done nothing to difficult if you have some idea even with a basic fly tying knowledge and its just a bit of fun , but you could still use it and indeed i will try it but i suspect ill just be making some more for fun , to look at , and no doubt for a few Buddy's

so thats for today i hope you enjoy the pics thanks for the idea ulf
tight lines
(a cave in scotland)

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Bigerrfish said...

Thats just awesome!! I mean who would have thought to bait the bait!!