Tuesday, 5 October 2010

stir crazy

so I'm going stir crazy i really am my wife has her head stuck in books and I'm only toddler duty nursery runs etc so she can get ready for her exams next week I'm looking out at great Autumn weather leaves falling clear Sky's and I'm just thinking pike pike pike i need to fish this must be like going cold turkey , even when i stopped smoking 7 months ago it wasn't as bad as this , the only saving grace is the fact that its been blowing a bad one for the last few days and before that its been absolutely pissing it down with rain so not the best for going out chucking fluff
so really the only thing i can do is net stuff sort out and tidy up the websites i do and of course tie flys so i suppose that's not t0o bad but its not as good as being out there but when her indoors qualifies as a maths teacher this year she will be able to fund my American jaunts and she gets months at a time off in the summer bonus
battling spider
i took this picture the other night , once all the family have gone to bed and I'm settled with a glass of vino he appears from under the TV cabinet hes been there for a while now hes got a few legs and things missing but it nice to see him each night

my own fault i didn't read the add properly you see what i needed was some magnum zonker strip for an idea i have for really big flies so i logged onto eBay and saw some for £1.20 great i thought that will do nicely and they had the colour i wanted so i bought it , of course if i had read the add correctly i would have seen it was only 3mm and id probably waste more than came in the packet , so not one to waste anything i decided to just make up a couple of small perch type flies with an epoxy head to sink it a mini bunny bug in essence here's the result below

as there wasn't much fur on the strips i decided to top off the head with some synthetic orange body material from piketrek just to give it a little something extra and bulk the body out a little

so time to big it up with some new hooks to try massive flies were on the menu although time was getting on today i managed to get one big one out a few secret patterns that are looking quite good again simple hollow tied flies with rattles and the eyes I've used piketreks brilliant Mr bond uv resin probably the best on the market and at a price that everybody can afford

I've only used 3 colours on this one again all pike body material from the piketrek chaps very easy to do and you get a cracking looking fly

other stuff going on this week has been updating the pike fly fishing associations website and blog , the blog we set up as a public portal for the club and its not something that's updated everyday but its always worth dropping by or following as we have now started to add some fly tying videos in the side menu , even if your not a club member you can still mail us any story's or catch pictures so get on over and take a look click the link below

pike fly fishing association

the piketrek lads have been doing there home movies again yes ivory towers productions (think about it) and have again got another great little video on night fishing , and a fantastic looking fly that I'm going to pinch the design off and put my own slant on it I'm sure they will approve anyway take a look at the video nice lads

so hope you all have a great week and catch ya all later


(a cave in Scotland)

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Bigerrfish said...

sweet flies! your a hard core big fly guy after fish that get mad at the fly.. thats just exiting right there..!