Thursday, 28 October 2010

playing with toys and raptor fibre

i was supposed to be going out doing some chucking this week my planned and preferred day was Tuesday or wed but gale force winds here in Scotland scuppered my plans so it looks like it will be next week now and there is some milder weather due early next week so finger crossed
so with some time on my hands i decided to spool up my 5wgt reel its been sitting around for a few weeks needing lines on them , i have a couple of really nice rivers close to me for wild trout one i need the 5 wgt as theres also some big browns in there , the other river i have is full of smaller wild browns and ken over at pike adventures is making me a 2wgt this winter for the sole purpose of this little river and i cant wait and before anybody says anything trout eat minnows therefor they are a predator , sometime its nice to chase other species and ill also use this for the local roach population what a blast

so today i got back to my proper bench I've been a bit lazy the last few weeks just bringing bits and peaces through to the living room and tying on the coffee table although not entirely my fault as her indoors was studying so needed the Pierce and quite and as i tend to listen to rock radio stations being in the same room listening to megadeth as shes studying for a maths degree don't really work to well so i needed to get some bench karma in

so just to get the karma right i whipped out a quick deciver you can never go wrong or have enough decivers great for fresh water predators as well as salt water preds

so once karma was restored i had some work to do before i got down to the fun and games of trying out some superb new raptor material from the chaps at piketrek
so down to work pumping out a load of quality flies actually a new colour of core flies which will be pretty good on waters with lots of jack pike nice green colours should do the trick

so raptor fibre what is it well its a Fantastic quality super-fine fibre with huge volumescence! Super-shiny textured material in a dazzling array of extra-bright colours and natural olive shades. plenty to keep your average tier like me occupied for a while , because its a very super fine material it works well being blended or mixed with other materials so with this in mind ive mixed stuff up in the pattern below
raptor fibre first tie

so having decided that i was building a big fly i used a 7 inch section of raptor fibre fish belly around this I've placed a thick section of raptor fibre road cone orange this is fast becoming a favorite colour for a core as the picture on pike treks site really doesn't do it justice its a really glowing orange , so I've then around the core hollow tied some white synthetic fibre again a great material to tie with around the orange and then added 3 thin sections of chartreuse raptor the length of the back of the fly one on the back and 2 on the sides.

I've also tied in a thick long back length section of olive ep sparkle fibres i then added some of piketreks mossy green natural colour synthetic fibre a thin long Peace hollow tied once I've done this i take my thumb and forefinger and blend a little while on the hook , i then simply added a couple of 9 mm eyes and a thin layer of epoxy and i think its turned out really well

ill be really interested to see what uncle Greg from piketrek comes up with as well , its great when you get sent some new materials and no pre conceived ideas of what you have to do with it and no doubt he will have something completely different with it

so that's that for today ill be on the skype to redneck pikepicker capsey later so no doubt some fresh ideas will happen so have a great weekend and hope you land some monster pike and remember your cameras
(a cave in Scotland)

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pikepicker said...

right on bro...great post.......gonna have to make me a pattern background like yours for photo royal i me some !!!!