Thursday, 9 July 2009

appreciation of ulf

if you look down the side menu you ll see a link to a guy called Ulf Hagström now ulf is an awesome flytyer his realistic flies are really something to behold please check his blog out you ll be stunned , well the other day he posted a pike fly on there the pattern its self is from swedish flytyer Mikael "Bluedun" Gröndahl.

what ulf has done is changed the pattern a little bit by replacing the original materials with his own interpretation , well so blown away by this pattern i just had to have a bash at it but by putting my own spin on it i.e using different materials to see what i could come up with and the flies below are the result .

as i said in a post before before there is nothing new in fly tying and i think its great if you see a pattern and tweak it to your own liking and maybe your not coming up with a brand new pattern but your coming up with a new take on an idea

so to ulf Hagström and Mikael Gröndahl i salute you


Pike fly-fishing articles said...

Those are shit hot...niiiiice!

dave lindsay said...

simon dont know what you did but your message worked mate

thats for the nice comment , ill give you an email later when my baby sitting shift is over lol

pikepicker said...

nice dave top notch work....!

Ulf Hagström said...

Some great variants of your own there Dave, really good! And thanks a bunch for the appreciations!