Saturday, 4 July 2009

fly tying comp

ken capsey from pike adventures blog and i have come up with a rather unusual idea that should hopfuly get loads of laughs and be good fun at her indoors expense .......(im kidding we love em really) my mrs has even just done one thinking she can out do me its on the site

from my project on the fly website take a look at the site get your birds involved fellas

"ok not just any old comp well most of us tie our own flies , what we want you to do is sit your wife , girlfreind , mother , sister ,gran , aunt down at the vice and get her to tie a fly simple eh , well not quite we have a load of top prizes to give away and the prizes go to the worst looking fly yes you read it right the worst looking fly can be predator / game / or saltwater "

our prizes are kindly donated by ken capseys pike adventures blog

heres the link to the page

this pike fly was tied by michele aged 36 from edinburgh


pikepicker said...

Sweet tell the Missus we will call it road kill!!!!!!! BUhahahahaah!

pikepicker said...

1st place gets a sweet selection of Umpqua pike flies in a box! GET crackin people!!!

Pike fly-fishing articles said...

Great use of a cats fur ball I say.I really just have no words for that creation....I'm speechless!
Gotta love that beak at the front.

dave lindsay said...

simon priceless ha ha ha thats going to win scotland the title mate he he