Friday, 10 July 2009

view from the man cave

or the lab as i like to call it whether you have your own little room or just a corner of the kitchen , lounge etc for fly tying its nice to have that place to go to to get away from things if you cant get out fishing , i find myself in the lucky position to be able to have my own small room so i don't need to pack stuff away , although if i did have to pack it all away id have to have a room to keep it in anyway as i have so much bloody tying stuff "duh"

anyway here's a few pics of the lab click on the image for a larger view enjoy

organised chaos i can lay my hands on anything

a well used rotary dryer id be lost without it great for just sticking flies on when not in use

the vice with fly board outa the vice onto the board without having to move much perfect

everything close to hand makes life a lot easier

shelves are also good for spotting stuff my trusty little radio sits there also , as well as some old vises that I've worn out but will never throw away

and a new creation from the lab green sub bug

so there is one end of my lab hope you enjoyed the tour and please remember to visit the gift shop on the way out

1 comment:

pikepicker said...

HA HA! Love it Dave nice tour The man cave rocks!