Sunday, 26 July 2009

a couple more sub bugs im getting a bit to much into making these just now but hell you cant have too much of a good thing

cheap tricks

Ive been using this ronseal clear Matt varnish for a while works great , either for finishing off a fly after whipping off or for coating big buoyant foam heads as an alternative to epoxy , left to dry over night goes completely clear (the fly in the pic has just been coated and not dried) apply with a small artist paint brush for foam heads or a dubbing needle for whip finishes also makes you whippings tooth proof .

this tin cost me £6.00 and you'd get the equivalent of around 50+ normal sized bottles of varnish a massive saving , if you use the gloss version you get a quite nice shine on the foam heads also takes marker pen really nicely

so on the subject of alternatives heres another

been using cotton buds for years for tube flies simply pull the cotton off both ends and heat slightly with a naked flame at both ends , this gives a nice lip to tie to , you get hundreads of these things in a tub for a pound , a buck or even cheaper now thats got to be good

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