Sunday, 19 July 2009

mad week

well got most of stuff i needed to done this week pretty much indoors all the time due to the awful weather , this puddle appeared on my back lawn within a matter of Min's a good 2 inch's deep i was toying with the idea of testing some surface flies out until the lightning started er fly rods and lightning don't mix.

had time to do a few flies as well

the above is simular to one that ulf did and posted over on his blog except mine dosnt have ostrich herl in

another sub bug fly but tied on a lighter weight hook and the hair trimmed a bit more to get the action correct. the eyes are a just heavy enough to point the fly downwards just under the surface and the hair behind the eyes is quite thick almost like a diving vane so when the water hits it , it gives it a highly erratic action something predators cant resist (well that's the theory anyway) this fly does create a great subsurface noise

the above fly was an early version of a sub bug , this one was designed after i had fish nipping the tail and failing to hook so i wired in a very small treble but didn't like to use a stinger hook so the fly ended up not being used favouring the annoy em enough and they will get hooked technique , to a nipping fish

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