Tuesday, 28 July 2009

hooks glorious hooks

pike fly hooks well there is a lot of hooks out there where do you start well here's some that i use

Varivas Plated Stainless Steel 6/0 i love this hook for sub bugs it is quite a heavy hook but when tying highly buoyant sub bugs this hook offsets the buoyancy to give the fly a ultra slow sinking fly you'd be hard pressed to get this to sink before the end of the retrieve i find that it usually will sit a couple of inch's under the surface

Varivas Saltwater Champions , Long shank, light but strong Gunmetal finish i use this for tying surface poppers

Varivas Big Mouth XTRA , pretty much my standard hook in 4/0 and 6/0 for e.p type patters lightweight strong becoming pretty much the standard pike fly hook made using 2X wire so they are even stronger but just as sharp.

Varivas Big Mouth Wide gape, medium length shank with super sharp point. these go up to 5/0 size a great lightweight hook the wide gape means you can get a lot of material on the hook shank great for bunny bugs

Varivas Aberdeen .Super sharp with a small eye and very impressive strength. Neat barb and gunmetal finish i use these for smaller patterns in 1/0 -2/0 -3/0 great for perch and zander

Circle hooks are starting to get a good following in the UK and if you like this type of hook then these Varivas ones are amongst the best. If you haven't tried a circle hook before don't forget that you do not strike, just lift into the fish and it will hook itself in the corner of the mouth 9 times out of ten the fish will be hooked before you know its on . these are great hooks I'm using them more and more i find theme best used with bucktail type patterns

owner 5111 SSW Cutting Points , i use this for smaller ep bait fish flies a really top notch hook black chrome finish, up-eye forged shank and reversed-bend cutting point

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pikepicker said...

nice piece dave...i have some circle hooks but have read mixed reviews on them....will take your word on this and break those out!....Dying to see this "capsey critter"......going to be on your blogg?? later bro