Friday, 10 July 2009

simons wine cork poppers

i was really interested in simons wine cork popper articles over at

and i thought to myself im sure simon had said something or tied a few of these about a year ago and posted on his blog back then i looked up while thinking about this and bugger me there was some hanging on my rack in the corner of my room coverd in dust , for some reason id put them there to dry off proberly and then went off and done something else and completly forgottten about them as they were behind some big pike tube flies i had hanging there "duh"

basicly the same method as simon does em except ive coverd these in a layer of orange loon softhead so i quickly mashed a few up

the one bellow i just used yellow nail varnish on it a cheap alternative to expensive epoxys

so as simos says in his article a far cheaper way of producing big noisy poppers at minimal cost

thanks for the great article simon


Pike fly-fishing articles said...

Flies like that give me a hard on!

dave lindsay said...

LOL simon yer nutcase he he