Wednesday, 8 July 2009

the sub bug

Simon over at pikeflyfishingarticles raised a valid point about getting a video camera to do these tutorials and i do agree with him to a certain extent but the videos were never really meant to be a full on tying video they are just a snap shot for the full step by step that are on my website apologies for any confusion,and Simon no your not nit picking or full of shit mate LOL

now Simon's comment to me on you tube has raised a valid point do you prefer video or do you prefer photo step by steps , well myself i prefer photo ones as you can carefully examine the steps without having to pause it all the time and the great thing about books is you can take them to the loo as well (when your going to be spending a bit of time in there) and of course even with photo ones you can always print them and make your own book of patterns you like .

i think that video also has its advantages in you can see how to do a particular tying sequence with audio commentary but i think for me it will always be the written word...whats your views

anyway here again is another short clip for the sub bug

this is one of my most versatile flies the sub bug is a fly for all conditions use on a floating line and it will fish just sub surface fished on a sink tip line it will fish back at a foot or two under the surface fished on a sinking line it will fish just of the bottom and the deer hair head gives it some great pushing water properties deadly for predators. you can also adapt this fly very easily bu changing the materials behind the head experiment with whatever you like you may just get that killer combo have fun

again full step by step can be found over at my site

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