Sunday, 12 July 2009


ulf over at ulfhagstron blog came up with the idea of using craft fur to replace zonker strip on a fly and created a rather ex looking fly , so i thought id do one as well but my craft fur seems to be shorter in length than ulfs so what i did was simply add a collor of maribou feather and this is the result and quite certain it will catch pike

so while i was experimenting i decided to put to use some of the foam that ken caspey over at pike adventures sent me to play with and came up with this little epoxy baitfish i say little its tied on a 6/0 long shank hook so its BIG and i really look forward to trying this out enjoy and thanks ken .


Anonymous said...

Like the bottom one Dave,what was its body made from?


dave lindsay said...

hi simon body is made from foam ken sent me like a loco foam but with glitter and miles better , the tail is just black bucktail varnished with clear varnish , once dried just cut to shape , the fin is just a bit of old black foam cut to shape and stuck to the back , the whole lot is given a thin coat of 5 min epoxy and job done

all the best

pikepicker said...

dave.....your wife is going to be mad at me ....I got you all the crazy colors....she probably won't see come out of the man cave for a week!! HA! Glad to be way over here bro!

dave lindsay said...

yeeeeeeeeeee haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa