Wednesday, 15 July 2009

new twist on an old idea

a baby doll

the baby doll is quite a well known trout fly i the UK and has accounted for a lot of fish , now i was sitting at my vice finishing off 100 pike flies i had to do and Ive had this pattern rumbling around the cranium for quite some time as i thought it would make quite a good predator fly if i could big it up and add a bit of sexiness about it

so i came up with these two patterns based on the original babydoll trout fly, they are tied on long shanked 6/0 aberdeens anf are 5 inchs long tip to tail enjoy..............................

predator doll 1

predator doll 2

* this will be to simon at pike fly fishing articles interesting, as the bodys are made from pipe cleaners the glitter ones you get a xmas about a pound for a pack of 50 and you get 2 bodys per bit of cleaner if used on a 6/0 aberdeen


pikepicker said...

top notch as always Dave...good chattin with you those pennies!

scott said...

I am an advocate of sparkly pipecleaner bodies too, fantastic way of weighting the fly. One problem i have though is the sharp wire end cutting the tying thread. Any tips?