Thursday, 8 April 2010


ok well frenzy is maybe a bit strong a word to use but I'm still in tying mode and enjoying tying today although i only got 2 flies done can you believe it well its my own fault as i left myself no time this afternoon before i went to work to get my head around what i was going to do , i still have a load of subbugs to make up for my USA trip but id bloody run out of a couple of things so it was down to orvis before work so what i did manage to get done was another 5 inch deercreek fly the you see below .....

hook - 3/0 mustad big game
belly - pearly white gliss and glint
back - cherry bomb gliss and glint
eyes - deer creek gator eyes
head 5 min z poxy

Align Centre
dna pike snax
one of the things i love about fly tying is you just never know what something you have in your head will look like whens its on iron and its really funny how different materials will look when tied with exactly the same method , take for example the fly above well that's tied in the same way as the deer creek fly further up but a more different looking fly you couldn't imaging and actually I'm loving it and its going to keep me awake as I'm going to want to do a whole heap of em oh god here we go again
hook - 3/0 mustad big game
belly - white dna
back - pink dna
eye - orvis big fish eye
head - z-poxy
i just reckon that this fly is one of those that will catch pretty much anywhere you'd care to fish it I'm loving it already
tight lines till tomorrow flingers
dave mcfluffchucker
(a cave in scotland)

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pikepicker said...

Bro that pink bastard is sweet!!! Love the profile and it screams eat me!!! Need to talk me through this one...cheers bro! and top work!!!