Friday, 2 April 2010

golf not a feckin chance

yea OK for those of you that mailed me yesterday you obviously didn't see the date APRIL 1ST yea a good old April fools joke , but not as funny as a Friend of mine who turned on the news to find out that aliens had landed in London and she panicked to feck now that is funny .......

anyway back to business

subbugs ...i had an order in to do some for a pffa member but he wanted some to be sinking bugs well you may think how do you make a deerhair fly sink without using a sinking line well its quite easy to do really all ya have to do is incorporate a big dumbbell eye into the head to give it the weight and then epoxy a couple of 3d eyes on and your done they work just as well as in the depths as they do on the surface and you get a real nice slow sink on them which means you can countdown the fly and explore the water column ......

floater and a sinker

sinking bug

above is the sinking bug below is a floating bug the floating will make a helluva lot of noise on the surface , these are done in red and black as per customer request

sinking greenback
green and orange is a top colour and it was great to be able to tie a sinking bug in this colour plenty of motion in this and the marabou coller with flare out when stopped , always found this to0 be a great fish attractor in a fly and I've seen it close up when a fish hits hit and it really does make a difference

classic combo

red and white what a colour and always a constant fish catcher and its my favorite bug colour not only for catching but for seeing the fly in action in the water , the fly above is the floater a devastating catching pattern not only for pike but largemouths love em as well (eh Mr capsey) if i went out with a box of these id be more than confident in the warmer weather of catching fish in fact if there was only one fly i could take fishing then this would be it ...........awesome

the fly below is a slow sinking version the head has been trimmed a bit different more bullet shaped as there will be more water pressure against it so you want most of this water pressure hitting the stacked hair at the back to give it the action in deep water you ll notice that with all the sinking bugs the heads are pretty similar to allow the flow of water to get to the back quickly , with the subbugs its all about knowing how the water is going to react with the fly when pulled through it , but more on that another time .....

so sinking bugs , if you want to know how to make a sinking bug head then check out the subbuggin site later today for a full step by step ....should be up around 5 pm GMT

and id like say to all those people who mailed me yesterday i really appreciate your friendship and sorry to wind you all up and i promise not to do it again for at least another 365 days but one quote i did get and really made me laugh was from

Brian " what ya got in your fly box ken" price

who wrote the following on my facebook page

"good choice..That's what a Good Scotsman should do..running around in your knickers and shit along a perfectly manicured lawn....errrrrrrrr...wait a minute..I'm onto you! Golf courses have ponds,usually with large sneaky bastard.."

tight lines and see you all tomorrow
(a cave in Scotland)

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