Saturday, 3 April 2010

new ideas

yesterday i had a day off and I've been wanting to muck about with piketrek body material on sub bugs for a while but I've not had the chance , well i finished up a customer order yesterday so i thought while i had 5 Min's id have a play i needed to stock up on a few big sinking bugs so that was the incentive i needed ........................

the first one

quite like this and am very impressed with how it came out using the pike trek material nice shape

the business end of a bug this has some big dumbbells tied in behind the eyes and then the eyes have been epoxied on using z poxy to add more weight to give it that vital balance between the buoyancy off the tightly packed deerhair and the weight of added material get this right and you have a winning fly

a few strands of flash down the middle by way of piketreks new life form flash (its the dogs danglers)

yea I'm liking this on the sub bugs , the other thing it is a lot easier and quicker to make the bugs than with using bucktail and you can get a longer fly with no extra weight .......nice

stay tuned for some more over the next few days i feel a tying frenzy coming so stay tuned

a big shout out goes to our bro in the states at pike adventures who is getting some fishing in hes been out and having some follows and hits so it only a matter of time , i spoke with him on the phone and he was in the middle of tying up some fresh red/white sub bugs so looking forward to his report .......

see ya all on Tuesday for the tie off ...although this may be off for a few weeks due to some changes at work which may see me having to put some hours in so hopefully see ya all next week

tight lines brothers and sisters of the fluff
(a cave in Scotland)

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