Wednesday, 7 April 2010

playing with material

last week i received a few packs of glint and gliss from those lovely people over at deercreek for me to play with and just really to see what i could come up with and i was delighted with the results and i look forward to trying these down my local water

sink the pink

pink and blue are very underrated colours in my book not a lot of people use them for the main colours in a fly they tend to use it for flashpoints or lateral lines in baitfish , but me being one who is forever pushing the confines of the box or to put it another way "that's just not sporting old boy" i decided as they had sent me a set of both colours that well it just had to be done and , and to be quite honest there was once when was fishing that pink was the only colour the fish were having so I'm more than happy to fish nearly all pink flys .......

the fly above with its shape and length (five inch's ) id be happy to fish in both salt water and for predators and with the pack size i think you'd get around 10 big flies like the pink one above out of a pack . which is pretty good value for the price it sells at £1.89 per pack if you wish to purchase a few packs there is the link direct to the page further down this page

glint and gliss blue bait fish

this is a great pattern at 5 inch's if you have a water like a canal that has a lot of small roach this fly will really do the trick , also worth having a bash for our saltwater bass as well

hook -3/0 mustad big game
belly-pearly white glint and gliss
back - midnight blue glint and gliss
eyes - deer creek croc eyes

for single colours or for there full range of glint and gliss for an amazing £16.29
here is the link
deer creek are a UK based company there flies are made by UK tiers which is which is why i fully support them

a mini bunny bug
for no other reason than i felt like making one
tight lines brothers and sisters of the fluff
(a cave in Scotland)

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DeMatt said...

Pink is where its at!