Wednesday, 14 April 2010

tuesday tie off

the Tuesday tie off this week is clousers simply because i was on a clouser kick , ken said hell we will just go with that and that works for me so here we go a whole heap of the buggers in pike size enjoy
4/0 - 5 inch's

4/0 - 6 inches

slightly damp to show the profile a nice looking pike snak at 6 inch's

pug nose

the fly above has been made with a heavier bug nose so it sits backside up off the bottom and can be jigged along the bottom
black nosed dace
as my u.s.a jaunt is getting closer and as i said yesterday i need to be filling my boxes with some local bait fish so after chatting with ken over at pike adventures and doing my own research on bait fish and stuff and found that the bass are quite fond of a bait fish called a black nosed dace so above is my version of it and its a fly that id use without a problem in my home waters

another slightly different version of a dace
roach it up

well not really a roach more a general bait fish pattern for bouncing along the bottom and i think would pretty much catch anything out there

a slightly damp version just looks like a real good pattern

a few strands of piketreks uv lifeform gives the fly that little edge and bear in mind these flys are 5 and 6 inch's long so plenty big enough for pike to show an interest in
more orange and yellow
more clousers vicar

so that's a few made then I've got some ideas for some others as well but I'm working till Monday now so to have to wait to see what i come up with so head on over to ken capseys pike adeventures to see what hes come up with not sure when hes posting as hes away fishing tonight and with the transatlantic time difference it may be quite late so I'm posting mine just now and hopefully there wont be long to wait
tight lines flingers
Dave mcfluffchucker
(a cave in Scotland)

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ChuckingFluff said...

Are those 3D eyes glued on over dumbells or glass rattles? I like the slightly damp version, looks like a killer.