Tuesday, 6 April 2010

tuesday tie off

todays tie of with ken over at pike adventures is tying with foam (my choice this week )

classic red and white

hook - 6/0 gamakatsu sl
body - white slink n flash
flash- red angel hair
eye - pike trek 9mm

classic baitfish
hook - gamakatsu 6/0 sl
belly- white slink n flash
back - olive sf fibre
flash - red angel hair
eyes - 9mm piketrek eyes
head - coloured with perm markers

blue bait fish
hook - gamakatsu 6/0 sl
underbelly - white slink n flash
back - herring blue sf fibre
eyes 9mm piketrek eyes
head - foam head colored with blue nail varnish

rainbow trout
hook - gamakatsu 6/0 sl
underbody - white slink n flash
lateral line - pink piketrek body
back - olive super hair
head - foam coloured with perm markers

so there ya have it this weeks tie off be sure to go over and check kens ties out at

knowing ken im sure there will b e a few surprises

tight lines fluff flingers
dave mcfluffchucker
(a cave in scotland)

1 comment:

pikepicker said...

those are hot ties bro. I need to get some of those foam baitfish tied up!