Tuesday, 20 April 2010

tuesday tie off

so welcome once again to the Tuesday tie off and this week was kens choice and a great one it is , it basically stems from an email conversation i was having with him and he sent me a link to a site that was funnily enough on my website links www.warmwaterflytier.com on there was a great pattern for small mouth bass which with a bit of tinkering ken thought would make a great pike pattern

so i had a look at the link and thought mmmmmmm i think this would make a great pattern not only for pike in larger size but in its smaller form i think this fly would be great for perch , chub or even zander or carp in this country so to the vice

first up i decided to get a feel for the pattern so the fly above was the first out of the vice and i must admit i loved it and thought what a great little pattern and it will kick up a load of noise in the water

so not too proud to show a mistake i whipped a little too hard and one of the rubber legs went flying across the tying room but still i think even with a leg missing it will catch the 2 flys above are tied on 1/0 hooks

i decided after the last 2 ties to up the fly a bit and venture into pike size flys so the above is tied on a 4/0 sakuma and is tied with normal bass bug rubber legs i was rather impressed with the outcome and you know sometimes you just know when a fly is a catcher and i got that feeling with this one

so with time fast running out before i had to go to work i just had to do the pike version no i thought that normal bass bug rubber legs wouldn't cut it on a pike fly so what i did was use the legs from a sea fishing Muppet instead and although a bit trickier to work with I'm rather impressed with the results .....so that's that for today although I'm going to tie a load more smaller ones up for my trip to vt in the next few days I'm loving them ......remember to head on over to ken capseys pike adventures blog (the link is a box at the top of the blog) ..............................or click below


tight lines till next time fly tiers


(a cave in Scotland)

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Jeff said...

I'm not sure about pike but I bet once the smallmouth bass get thinking about spawning which they should be doing now in these parts they will tear that bug up. If you fish them with Ken be prepared to catch a few.