Wednesday, 21 April 2010

uv bond and sticky stuff

ill make it clear from this point I've always been a 5 min epoxy guy i love seeing the flies going round on the drier i love the whole process of epoxy but I'm a bit old school and see no reason to change my ways especially when these UV kits come in at ridiculous prices the cheapest i found came in a around 60.00 UK pounds I'm sorry but do you know how much epoxy i can buy for that

enter Mr bond

so i receive this parcel through the post and its from pike trek now pike trek have got some pretty cool stuff for the pike angler and fly tier and is the only UK site especially for the pike fly fisher and these guys really have there finger on the pulse when it comes to pike products , so dispute me not being a UV guy i thought id have a go and see what i could come up with.........

the UV lamp

so i had a think to myself and thought what for me would be the best application for using this UV product , what would make life for me a lot easier using this product and the one thing that stood out was my big foam heads so i set to work..........

UV foam head this is a big fly and usually uses a lot of epoxy so i tied this up and added a layer of piketreks Mr bond

the one thing i did notice was the speed at which it cured , just 5 seconds in the special lamp

above is the close up of the fly head after curing ,i have used a mesh on the head to give a scale effect , i have been amazed at the ease of use of this product will i stop using epoxy no i wont but i will use this UV product on certain flies i do i will use it on all my foam heads , i will use it for doing the eyes on sub bugs and i have a few ideas that i want to try with this stuff so stay tuned

the most amazing thing about this product is the price absolutely brilliant and well within the reach of those on a budget but without losing any quality in the product i will recommend this product to anybody who has just started fly tying and wants to do a hard headed product so to the bones the price

the UV resin costs an incredible £4.95 you can buy it here

the UV lamp is an incredible £17.50 UK pounds you can buy it here

I'm informed that there will be a torch version in the near future but to be quite honest i don't think its needed when you can get a first rate product that other company's sell for 60 quid plus gets my vote

stay tuned over the next couple of days for some more great patterns tied using this , and if you haven't checked out piketreks stuff before then get over to there site for some really fantastic stuff for the pike fly tier

tight lines
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pikepicker said...

sweet post BRO Jangles....I like the looks of those uv heads brother...score another one for PIKETREK!!!