Wednesday, 28 April 2010

a little fix

so yesterday i was as today working a split shift and i had some new materials arrive (see yesterdays post) so obviously i was gagging to get tying well as chance would have it i had to get home for a bit to pick my son up from nursery so a quick bit of time management and i thought i could get home and tie a couple of flies.
i just couldn't not really ,well if you have new materials then well you have to get into the flies simple as that and as i mentioned yesterday i had talked over an idea with the piketrek chaps about incorporating the new material into subbug heads so here is the first try


what I've done is tied in the new material in such a way that it will give off random flash depending on the strip strike speed and angle of the fly in the water , I'm still experimenting with weighting 3d eyes with epoxy so I've added this as well the photo below gives you a bit of a closer look at the flash in the deerhair

that will do nicely

OK so to the next job i had a load of new hooks arrive from Texas of all places for me to try and i loved the look of them so i thought tying up a pretty simple streamer type fly with a head made from the new material (wish they would name it) would do the trick , the fly i made is pretty similar to a fly i caught my biggest UK perch on at 3 and a half pounds , a big perch in this country so i have every faith in the design of it

the whole fly is made from piketrek body material as is the body of the subbug which of course you can buy from piketrek here i think there will be a few of these made next week

so onto other things fishy

my mate tony "mines a double golden balls "harkin has been out and about on his own ( i just love care in the community) and was fishing on a water that hes fished a couple of times but had no luck well he only spots some fish on the far bank herding some roach into the shallows and picking them off so he heads on over

so after crawling for a a mile and a half on his belly commando style to the nearest bridge so not to scare them he get within casting distance and ops for a piketrek roach pattern and he nails a couple of lovely mid doubles which he said were bullied in very quickly on his pikesaber which can get pretty much anything in quickly including me and tony in a punt(see my rubbish review elsewhere on the blog) great rod

hook line and pikesaber

another one in the net i really don't know how the lucky little scrote bag does it i suppose he must have had a good teacher .......mmmmmm don't know who that was as I'm shite and know nothing about fly fishing ............i suspect we will see a lot more of tony in the future
so there you go that's it for today i have to be home for an hour today so hopefully i may get a couple more done and if you been inspired to go tie a few of the flies or looking for something different then please go check out the guys from piketrek who have bundles of cool tying stuff at great value prices here's the link
so ill hopefully see ya all tomorrow for more useless crap you don't want to read and if you do enjoy it i thank you very much and ill see you all soon
(really needing some sleep in a cave in Scotland)

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