Thursday, 15 April 2010

real eyes and dyno clousers

real fish eyes well that's what i thought id been sent this morning from but turns out its there new range of realistic eyes so straight away i just had to get to the vice and as i had my clouser head on well seemed like it was time to get some monster dyno pike clousers on the go and I'm glad i did they look feckin awesome with those eyes ..................

all the picture featured are done with 7mm dumbell eyes so they will fish hook up of the bottom , and the eyes are glued on and the a light covering of z poxy to finish off with i think these will score really well with zander as well a great big snack bounced past there day roosts should jolt them into action the fly above is 7 inch's a great snack for any predator ...........

as you can see from the pictures there is a great range of colours and deercreek are hoping to have some 10mm eyes soon as well which I'm really excited about more monster clousers on the way i think they are really onto a winner here is the link if you want to go and get some before they sell out

OK so this may be my last post till Tuesday due to work commitments and being away but i think theres enough on in the last 3 days to keep you happy and failing that you can get over to ken at pike adventures for the usual redneck pike fishing tips

tights lines people of the fluff
(a cave in Scotland)


Jeff said...

Like those eyes

Any problem shipping them to the US? What hooks and grizzly saddles are you using for those clousers?

Nickolas Wright said...

No probs shipping to the USA worldwide shipping at UK rates.

Nick Wright owner of Deer Creek

SMB tech geeks said...

Talking of realistic eyes, check out Fat Guy Fly Fishing's post from Wednesday if you haven't already seen it - you may not catch many fish using their methods, but you'd sure as heck scare them to death!

pikepicker said...

Nice brother.....I spent some dough at the fly shop today...harrrrrr keep your eyes peeled. Those clouser's are the top one . Keep on the clouser kick they work wonders!!!!