Friday, 18 June 2010

back to normality

so back to normality and hilarity well now that I've recovered from the 2 day trip back from northern Vermont and the mozzie bites have calmed down a bit although I've still got a few on my arms bloody things .......

so i had a few projects to get on with one was to build a new fly tying desk the reason for this is that my son is needing his own space now so i decided to move it back to where i had it originally as the light was fantastic in there for tying i only moved it in the first place as we had a baby
the new desk rises from the ashes

OK so rising from the ashes is a bit strong but I'm a great believer in recycling so the whole thing is mashed together with recycled scraps from old draws and wardrobes just doing my bit for the planet

gurglers tying spree

while i was fishing with ken i noticed how devastating the gurgler was ken has got these down to a fine art and he can really make these things talk on the water so i tied a couple while i was over there and seeing how devastating they are i tied some of my own variations when i got home

you may think the gurgler is the a fly that cant really be improved on but me being me I've added my own twist by simply adding rubber legs and rattles inside them they are great to tie up look like nothing on earth but the fact is they catch fish end of story

weedless bass beast
i was chatting to ken about weedless flies the other day and i must say although you may not agree but i think weed guards particularly 100lb guards can make you miss fish so while talking about this i came up with the idea that you could make a weed guard by using natural materials work for you and do away with the mono

so i set to work , what i needed was something that was like the gurgler going to try and dive but spit water out in front of it and make some noise but also be able to hook up fish in deep cover

so here it is I've slightly bent back the hook (like a bend back) and used stiff deer hair at the back as the guard the rubber legs I've made from some sea angling rubber squids (Muppet's) just cut the legs of and you get a great long thick tapperd leg

so the finished prototype the other great thing is that the fly when cast will always ride hook up because of the way the deerhair is spun and cut it will flip over when it lands perfect , so this ones on the way to ken just now for testing so stay tuned
a big shout out today for ken at pike adventures who along with sidekick Brian the grill are taking part in a bass fly fishing tournament this weekend so watch kens blog for a full write up next week
tight lines


Pat Cohen (smalliestalker) said...

that yellow diving thingy kicks ass...I will be stealing that idea..thanks...

dave lindsay said...

look forward to seeing what ya come with pat .....:-)

pikepicker said...

as always brother fantastic shit!!! Top work will do you a right review when ole monster bug shows it's face in the mail!!