Tuesday, 8 June 2010

the fly fishing hunger day 5 part 1

the fly fishing hunger day 5 part 1

a 2 parter because we got up to she loads this day and id be here all bloody night if i went through the lot so i thought a 2 parter would be best .
so after getting up at 5 am instead of 4am (Brian's moonshine to blame) and we had already decide that we were going to back out on Champlain as the top water sport was second to none and well we were both like addicts trying to get our next fix , but this time we packed a couple of 5 wgts and some woolly bugger type flies to see if we could catch those fish we had seen topping the other morning and grab a little sport before we went chasing bucket mouths

well as we drew up to the boat launch we could see the fish were still there eating something although at this point we wernt quite sure what so we finished up out massive plastic cups of green mountain coffee (we were still not quite right following the previous nights escapes) and rigged up the 5 wgts


see all the brown stuff in the picture above well that's what the fish were going nuts for its thick with flies there were some kind of small moth like fly I'm sure somebody will know what they are but the water was thick with them and of course the fish were in there having some as well so we started casting and the fish started coming thick and fast yellow perch , white perch , silver perch they were just hitting those woolly buggers like there life depended on great fun on 5 wgts

at one point i had a big sucker(a kind of carp i think) follow my fly right in and then just sat there at my feet long enough for me to get my camera out and take a picture fantastic

as i was chasing fish around the boat launch shoreline i even came across a sleeping catfish of course i dangled a fly in front of it but it was having none of it great to see though

(below) ken does his Cousteau on a white perch these were the hardest fighting of the perch family that i caught they really did pull on a 5wgt

Dave don't move theres an arrow in your back or is it a knife .....

so time to get back on the surface flies after the bucket mouths and we decided to get in amongst the thick stuff as that was were the fish were splashing about and i mean thick check the picture below there bass in that there jungle heavy mono weed guards was the order of the day

there was plenty of hot fishing action and we caught loads of bass on the surface and as much fun with the ones that missed the fly absolutely awesome fishing you cant buy fun like that , ken had the biggest of the day on a gurgler and it gave him a fair tussle

by midday the heat was up in the 90s and we had to get off although the bass top water gets frantic the hotter it gets it always wise to look at the overall situation i mean we had a great morning fishing caught lots of fish and still had something special to do in the evening and with water supplies getting low and the sun getting high sunstroke is the last thing you want so we called it a day and decided to head to the local fly shop and pick up some bits and pieces and i wanted to grab a look at a local fly shop anyway

so mid afternoon and we were outside the fly shop and talking about what ken had planned for the evening and that i was looking forward to something completely different but really floated my boat so till tomorrow

tight lines calm waters and loud gurglers


(a cave in Scotland)


pikepicker said...

great post brother......I forgot to tell ya I found out what those critters were...a local big time midge hatch...Brian had a closer look into it!!! Now we know!!! Kinda pissed that I didn't know myself...dumb redneck!

dave lindsay said...

thanks bro good to know