Thursday, 24 June 2010

a new forum

I've always since I've started messing around on the net had an idea of a world wide fly fishing forum , don't get me wrong there is some fantastic forums out there but a lot tend to be country specific , i really believe a pike or game fly fisher in the UK would be able to pick something up from the same fisher in say the USA , spreading new ideas advances not only our fly fishing but our fly tying as well i have learnt this one lesson over the years

it would also be great would it not to have a forum where there is no bullshit no arguing just a whole bunch of people from around the world enjoying what they love best , fly fishing and fly tying , there is also forums on there for guides to advertise there services(free of charge) as again i believe people can recommend guides they have used , same goes for fly tiers there is a section on there for local guys to sell there flys again i firmly believe you cant beat a home made fly from a guy who has caught fish on his own patterns , usually these guys are only making them to be able to afford to buy a beer or more fly tying materials or to fund fishing trips so if your a fly tier or somebody looking for flies please check it out , again no fees or costs whatsoever so please help by spreading the word

so please sign up and help to make this a great place to spend time no mater what you you fish for by clicking the picture above

tight lines

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