Tuesday, 29 June 2010

duckling breakfast and foam ants

well my alarm went off and i looked at the clock indeed it was 3 am it only seemed like a few hours since i went to bed actually it was , i was supposed to speak to ken over at pike adventures at 10 pm but he had taken his boy swimming so i think he must have got back late and by the time i had had a couple of beers tiredness had taken over and let me tell you it was a close thing that i managed to slip out the door at that time so sorry to ken if you tried to skype me

so by 4.00am i was down on the canal and there was no sign of Kevin from orvis who i had arranged to meet mabey he had the same alarm clock problem i did so i set up under a bridge as the rain was falling and i could fish from this spot if i needed to by doing some low side casting
quack quack bang slap ouch

while i was setting up i heard a big splash across and to my right where there had been 3 ducklings and one mother duck there was now 2 very confused ducklings and a mother duck swimming in circles looking for the duckling which was now sat in the stomach of a very large pike sitting on the bottom ..................that must of hurt
the scene of the crime

so i kinda thought after seeing the duck special that gurglers may be the way to go something that would make a lot of noise on top , so i persevered for ages with the gurglers and Kevin had turned up by this time (4.45am) i had apparently said 4.30 so ill let him off with that one but i will be checking my email
predator perfection

now all of us looking at this lovely little pike will say perfect little predator nailed a 5 inch zonker but if your ken capsey you will say shit is that a tiger musky look at the stripes ken i rest my case mate i really wish you'd listen to me sometimes , anyway not the biggest fish in the pond but i really don't care what size they are as long as i catch em on the fly that's all that counts . I've done my share of big 20lb + fish and i get more enjoyment from smaller fish , i caught this on a 7 wgt outfit and i gave a really great account of itself

Kevin gets busy

Kevin was also using a 7wgt outfit and you can get fish in really quickly , i rigged him up with a 20lb fluro leader and tyger wire trace and you can see by the smile on his face he loved every second of it

so that was that its was only a short session on here otherwise you'd be hooking dogs cyclists and all sorts and although dogs give a good fight on a 7 wgt taking you down to the backing most times the owners ain't usually very happy , especially when you try to video it
so i left Kevin with a hand shake and a well done and a promise to do it again next week he looked like he enjoyed it

trout bum
i decided to walk home and check out the river that runs near me again not big fish but with trout and grayling in there its always worth a go , in fact if i had my trout flies with me i would have had a quick cast as they are lovely brownies in there
the river is quite low but i did see fish that i think if i had some dry flies i think i could have had a couple on bank even with the water being so low next time

so yesterday i also got some new massive Chernobyl bass/pike snacks made which you can see below i have put one of Brian prices ants there (which i nicked while i was over there cheers Brian) for size comparison these are tied on 4/0s

so that's that for today I'm back at the vice later to do some sub bugs for a customer so will catch ya all on wed
tight lines fluffers

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