Wednesday, 16 June 2010

start of a long road

the road home starts with a party

so with my time coming to an end in Vermont Brian had invited us all over for a farewell BBQ which i really appreciated as the guy is a legend on the grill as much as his grill is legend where he lives , we had the added entertainment tonight of Brian's neighbour across the road making an official tournament rules horse shoes throwing box strange place but good fun

capt grill chiefs legendary grill and smoker

whilst Brian fired up the grill we relaxed with some beers cheese, sausage and biscuits check out the half sized bottles of Newcastle brown ale its either the Americans cant handle there dog (that will confuse them ) or Scottish and Newcastle breweries are making a fortune out of smaller bottles .......good plan

the captain and his ship

so ken what did you think of mcfluffchucker coming over to America fishing with you for the week and completely out fishing you .............

the fluff -the grill- and the boss
just lift my cap up pour the beer into the hole young man

Naomi was gutted to find out ken had ducked round the back of the chicken coup and finished all the chili dogs , i however is so pissed i cant find my mouth i feckin love these guys

now you can say what you like about the Americans but nobody does steak like them and nobody cooks a steak like Brian i mean look at the size of that fecker (the steak not me)

doom bug landing lights yellow to far to to the right in between the red and the green is spot on for landing at full speed in fluffs head

so with heavy heart i stand and watch my train come in (big fecker or what) and get on board for the long 10 hour trip to new york passing all that fantastic water from the small shallow gravel trout and small mouth rivers of mid Vermont to the estuary's of new york i enjoy a peaceful trip filled with all the adventures I've just had , and start to plan my trip next year maybe add a few more days on though of course just to fish that large mouth place ken was talking about but we didn't quite get time to fish and maybe just maybe hit a really big bucket mouth on the surface

Vermont came and said goodbye to me as this landed on the window of the moving train and bore a striking resemblance to the flies that were all over Champlain that morning with the five wgts and it waited for me to get the camera out to get the picture as soon as i had taken it the battery ran out and the fly flew away i really think that was a sign

so i have to say a big thank you and send good karma out to my brother from another mother ken capsey for making this probably the best experience of my life Naomi his charming and lovely Mrs for putting up with me and my bizarre foreign ways kaiden there son for being a cool kid most of the time
Brian price for being an all round feckin nice geezer and top griller (dude a grill cookbook is needed) the day we had fishing was an experience and was like some kind of weird circus sideshow with us 3 awesome laugh and of course Hanna pants brains cool girlfriend who despite being of German origin had a great sense of humour and an amazing artist (doom bug has pride of place on my new desk ) a special mention goes to diesel dog the leader of brains race for not hitting me with the death ray ...........
i learnt a lot on this trip not just as a angler but as a person and i thank the people above for really opening my mind and seeing things in a new light
slange vt

back to flies this week


Jeff said...

Looks like you guys had a great time!
Thanks for the fine posts... your now part Yankee... lol!

Clif said...

I've enjoyed reading about your trip.

What does it mean if I can't handle my dog? :)

dave lindsay said...

hey jeff thanks for that .

clif dog is another name for newcastle brown goes back to when men said they were going to walk the dog when in fact they were nipping to the pub for a newcastle brown .......:-)

Razzle Dazzle said...

Great recap.
Glad I finally took the time to read the posts about your tiip.
You guys had a riot no doubt.
Good times.

dave lindsay said...

had a great time love champlain will be back next year