Thursday, 10 June 2010

the fly fishing hunger day 6 morning

i thought i was having a nightmare id spent the night in a wooden hut in the middle of the woods and i woke up to a blabbering redneck in the bed across from mine actually it wasn't a dream i had indeed spent the night in a dark deserted forest with a redneck and the fecker spent most of the night farting and snoring and hes got the cheek to grin...........................

feel free to make up your own caption for the picture below

we decided to have a bit of a later start today as we were going to fish the river then go back out on Champlain in the evening and do some fly tying in between so we went next door into kens folks place to get breakfast and chill for a bit before we hit the river
ice cold water on a hot morning and fishing on the tv yup life is good

kens mum fed us breakfast Vermont style which consisted of gorgeous streaky bacon muffins and fantastic tasting eggs which so far to this day I've not been able to make

of course the obligatory green mountain coffee wake up juice and we were nearly ready to go fish

ken also had the house speciality breakfast which consisted of four large doughnuts after his breakfast of course i declined the doughnuts ...................

by the time we got near to the fishing spot our coffee reserves started to flag so a quick stop at the local pit stop for a top up (hi sue) and that was us ready to break out the fly gear
i was really looking forward to this bit of the trip as well it was something we had planned to do anyway even if the pike had been on , i mean in Scotland if you fish a small river more that likely your going to catch brown trout , grayling , or maybe sea trout or salmon here is completely the opposite i mean you could pretty much catch anything from rock bass , smallies , whitefish , perch the list is endless and all on the fly here's how every cast of the session went

watch the Chernobyl ant land follow the Chernobyl ant on the surface

hook fish

it really was like that and you never knew what you had hooked till you got it in and on the odd occasion that you missed a strike or didn't get any interest the fish followed the fly in quite remarkable fishing and really a fishing nirvana i mean how cool is it to be able to wet wade and sit on a rock in the middle of a river and catch fish from all around you , no matter what direction i cast i caught fish absolutely brilliant

so after the awesome experience on the river and with a heavy heart as ken dragged me out the river it was back to the ranch for lunch and some fly tying and as we were going to concentrate on top water stuff ken tied up some of his gurglers and i went down the big foam route but more on that tomorrow ..............

awesome fishing
tight lines

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