Sunday, 13 June 2010

the fly fishing hunger day 7

i love beaver
the last day today so we planned something a bit different which was to rig up the 5 weights go pick Brian the grill chief and do some wet wading hit and run fishing for what ever may be out there the pike wernt having it so we thought this was the best option and also it would be a great way for me to see a bit of the impressive and massive shoreline of lake Champlain

how cool is that fishing within sight of a beaver hotel and we caught fish there as well , is started of buy using some small 1/0 baitfish patterns but the fish wernt having it today so i changed over to one of my rubber legged cat puke flies the fish loved them and i started catching rock bass pretty much straight away


the fish really couldn't get enough of these flies and pretty much i had hits on it with every cast that's a damn good fly or the fish were bloody starving , i have no idea on earth what they thought it was but if they thought it was something that swims around the lake then maybe i shouldn't have been wading in there .........

another one gets puked

of course brian the grill never one to miss an opportunity of a fish catching fly was soon at my side sniffing around my fly box of course i gave him one and he to was catching on the rubber legged cat puke

that's were the fish are bits of grass sticking up out the water is a sure sign that fish will be around it

ken was really starting to smell like the fish so we sent him down wind to give us a break he really needs to stop drinking moonshine and sleeping in brians chicken coup

a very gentle breeze struck up and that seemed to be what the chain pickerel needed as they started hitting everbodys flies like crazy and of course by this time ken was also on the rubber legged cat puke


chain pickerel don't go big but pound for pound and fished ion a 5 wgt they are really superb sport and well at least i was catching pike , these are perfect little predators and very welcome , so we fished here for a while as the fish were on then we decided another move was in order this time to the river now that another story

till tomorrow


working long shifts and missing the vice

a cave in Scotland

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