Friday, 11 June 2010

the fly fishing hunger day 6 evening


so as with most days after a busy morning catching bucket loads of fish it was back to kens for some fly tying , and the brilliant thing was coming up with ideas on the water then getting them tied up for the next session and ken has got a great desk and actually very well stocked and easy to tie at very relaxing and we churned out quite a few flies while i was there


tonight we were going to go fish Champlain again so we launched the boat and headed back to the heavily weeded area we had found during the week but only had a couple of hits at ken thought it was worth another go so we motored over there and threw some of kens gurglers around and although we had a few hits we couldn't nail em so we decided with time running out (kens lovely Mr's had told us to be home by 9 for dinner or else) , ken had a place that he has had a few fish before so we headed there unfortunately by the time we got there the wind had got up and was pushing waves into the bay and colouring up the water so that wasn't to good another move was called for and ken being probably the greatest guide in the world had another spot.
as we came into another of kens spots the bay itself was not being affected with the wind or coloured water and as we cut the engine we could see lots of different species of fish in the crystal clear water but what we were looking for was the think cover that the bass love some much or fish hitting bait on the surface that we could target

first blood to ken
we had found the bass in amongst the thick stuff and kens gurgler did the business for him as it had done on the large mouth through most of the trip

gurgler caught bucket mouth

just after ken caught this one i heard an almighty splash in open water as i turned round i saw where the fish had come up i was halfway through a retrieve in the opposite direction i managed to lift my line and with 2 false casts landed my crease fly bang in the center of the circle left by the rising bass timing was spot on and one strip the bass hit the fly but missed a couple of quick short strips and the bass was nailed result


a smallish crease fly with an inbuilt rattle was to much for this bucket mouth to resist as you can see it really wanted it big time

so with heavy heart and after another ton of fish i realised that this would be the last time id be out in kens boat although i still had a day doing something completely different i helped ken load the boat on the trailer and gave it friendly pat despite most of the time seeing speeding 60 , 000 dollar bass machines flying past us i bet you anything we caught more fish and had more fun in kens 500 dollar boat i really cant wait until next year when ill see if i can stretch an extra few days or 3 into the trip......mmmmmmm

still i was going to have a blast on my last day tomorrow


(a cave in Scotland)


Clif said...

When I see a bass surface, I always think "that is where a fish used to be."

Usually my casts to them are fruitless, so good job being quick enough to nail him before he got away.

dave lindsay said...

clif it was a one in a million i just happenened to be able to get a cast at it very quickly otherwise your spot on thats were a fish used to be