Monday, 7 June 2010

the fly fishing hunger evening 4


so we gets back to ken place after champlain and he gets a call from his buddy Brian (who i also know through ken) inviting us over for a BBQ well didn't need to be asked twice on that one as Brian has a bit of a reputation as a griller and we needed to hook up with him at some point to arrange a days fishing (Brian's a bit of a legend in them there parts for always having the right fly that's catching fish)

and piss heads

Brian is also famed for having probably the finest BBQ in the state this thing is a state of the art grilling machine hell you can even smoke your own fish or meat on it i was ever so slightly impressed i mean just check out the grill and that's only one small part of it

so excited to be firing up the grill for a visitor Brian bit his own fingers off just to see what they would be like grilled with his special swamp sauce

plenty of beer was consumed and plans put in place for a fish together the picture below shows ken after a few notice his eyeballs are like piss holes in he snow

after some of brains famous Virginian moonshine ken loses the use of his legs and has to sit down for a bit again after some of brains moonshine he also felt the urge to eat his own fingers

the thing is Vermont is such a cool laid back place it was just a joy to sit on brains porch having a laugh drinking beer and avoiding the dive bombing suicide bugs its part and parcel of a good fishing trip to relax and shoot some shit with Friends and we shoot a lot of shit that night i was having such a good time i was forgetting we where out at 4am again er not good but its so laid back and Brian and his lovely lady heir pants were such great hosts we could have just sat there all night nobody would have minded or even cared ...........


so i was sitting there having a great time surrounded by candles drinking beer and enjoying some great company and fantastic food when it came out of the night sky a demon intent on wreaking and breaking my bones a dune bug yes a bug that really does hurt on impact its like a flying rock well i heard the buzz felt the wind past my ear and the bang on the wood behind and then a fizz what the feck....

what had happened was the bug had missed my head by mere inches knocked itself out on the wood and bounced back and landed in the candle the splash from the bug landing in the wax had created a wave of wax that put the candle out ..... just imagine it the fecker had hit you it would be no doubt a hospital trip ouch (they don't tell you about that in the welcome to Vermont guide)

the doom bugs final resting place

I've seen some pretty dam cool gadgets in my time but this has to be one of the best Brian offered me a beer and then took his flip flop of , i thought he was going to hit me with it some strange vermont ritual mabey but he turned it over and the thing had a bottle opener in it so you got your bottle opener in you flip flop no need to go hunting around for one absolutely brilliant

so brains grilling is really stuff of legend here is a chicken yup a whole one that Brian just whacked in half coated with his special coating and stuck it on the grill now i must say when that was ready it came out moist , full of flavour and some of the nicest damm chicken I've ever eaten its worth going back for that alone let alone the fishing and rednecks fun and games ill say right now

so after a long night and ever shortening beer supplies we left for capsey meadows as we had an early start and this wasn't to be the last encounter with the grill ......

so I've deviated away from the fishing bit today simply because i thought Brian needed a post all to himself because his food and hospitality were so good and i really appreciated it ill be back with the fishing tomorrow where there more shocks in store from the fishing nirvana that is Vermont

c ya tomorrow folks


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