Monday, 28 June 2010

top water fever and other storys

finally today i got a wee crack at the vice so it was nice to do some tying after the the last few weeks of stuff going on , I'm away fishing at he crack of dawn tomorrow with one of the guys from orvis so I'm looking forward to some dawn top water sport and of course i couldn't help myself i had to piss around with some patterns

Chernobyl rubber legged what the feck is that

i love the Chernobyl ant as a fly and always thought a bigger version would be pretty cool for pike so with me going after a few tomorrow i thought id big one up pike size(4/0) and above is what i came up , and I'm loving it and looking forward not only to fishing it tomorrow but to tying up some more cant wait to see what i come up god only knows with my head

rubber legged cat puke

having had quite a bit of success on these flies in the states i thought they would do quite well on some local venues for small pike and perch so Ive tied a few variations up in preparation for tomorrow and just in case the top water isn't happening

so of course i had to tie up another gurgler just in case again this one has a pike trek rattle inside

so I'm busting to get out now and not long to go so i think ill disappear back to the vice and see what i can come up with stay tuned for a full report tomorrow
tight lines fluffers


Pat Cohen (smalliestalker) said...

nice stuff man

dave lindsay said...

thanks pat think they might be a good smallie snack as well