Tuesday, 15 June 2010

the fly fishing hunger day 7 pt 2

the great fish hunt
Brian took over the wheel of kens monster truck he knew a couple of spots on a river that may be worth checking out so with the windows down and the west Virginia hoocie mama banjos reunited band blaring out the stereo (Brian's choice) we sped off however with the windows down i caused quite a high mortality rate within the local bug community half pf which ended up on my hat

you know you may think you have the best water in the world or you may think your the best fly fisher in the world you may think your the best money can buy and all others should kneel at your feet but you know if you ain't got great loyal Friends and Buddy's to share it with you ain't worth jack

the redneck fly fishing team

Brian knew a couple of spots on the missisquoi that would be worth a try although it would be wise not to use the public toilet next to the sign below ken went in and came back out looking decidedly unwell

a river runs through it

a more beautiful and fishy river i haven't seen in a while , this river covers a large area and you could almost imagine the Indian's in there canoes paddling on it we fished it hard but didn't even see any fish topping

Brian sends down his death ray from oz

i tried all manner of flies we knew there was muskies in there but they truly are the fish of a thousand casts we stopped casting at em at 734 casts

it was quite funny to find a frog in the long grass and throw into the water only to watch it try and get out of the water as fast as possible , this tells me that the frogs in this area know whats in the water and they don't want to be in the water , the frog version of jaws

despite several changes of fly we couldn't raise a single fish so it was time to move on and we had a BBQ to look forward to as i was flying out the following day we were going to have a grill off a Brian's although we wernt fish less this day we caught large mouths , chain pickerel , and rock bass and it was really great travelling light and dropping in spots on the river with great company
as i now have to go to work id better cut this short
later fluffers

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