Sunday, 6 December 2009

the bonus of not tying for a few days

OK so i ain't been tying for a couple of days due to work commitments but the bonus of working a Filipino party last night was the fact they gave me a crate of beer and loads of food so you cant really go wrong that's a cheap night out for me imagine how much that would cost in your local takeaway ....bonus

so on the flies front i got a busy week next week Ive got a few orders come in for flies and i decided to tidy up some of my boxes while i was at work as i remembered that some time ago i tied up 20 or so flies with rattles in them so i wanted to keep them separate from normal flies so i could lay my hands on them fast should i need them but unfortunately i have so many feckin flies and boxes I've got to pick each fly up and shake it to see if theres a rattle in it why o why didn't i think about this before when i was tying them oh well 999 to go .....

i still have schulpins on the brain and managed to duck into orvis on sat morning to pick up some materials for them ill be happy when i have a box full so that's the plan for next week , but somehow i don't think that will run to plan there may be a nice break in the weather and i think ill be able to wet a line ....mmmmmmmm

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pikepicker said...

that looks feckin yummy!!!! Bro I pictured you working in the dark in some stonewalled room????? Nice bro....sweet eats man! Musky flies!!!