Saturday, 12 December 2009

ties from today and random stuff

been again a busy old couple of days with work and stuff but still found the time to get some flies done sometimes ill be at work and an idea will pop into my head so u get it jotted down in my note book with very rough drawing and when i get home ill have not forgotten it , i could and indeed have taken my portable vice into work sometimes and tied up there put that's not always possible so a notebook is a good investment for me .

I've been messing around with subbugs of late with the schulpin type patterns so i had a break yesterday and messed about with some magnum zonker strip and more natural colours but couldn't resist putting a few hoops of chartreuse through the head and i like the result ,

this again is tied on a 6/0 orvis pike / musky hook which is fast becoming my favorite hook to the bugs on (thanks to ken capsey at pike adventures for the tip ) I've been using these for quite a few months now and really impressed with the things plenty of room for the head without masking the hook and your able to get plenty off material on for the body as well , oh and they are sharp as feck as well great hook

something different this way comes

I've been tying flies for some 35+ years having grown up on the banks of the river tweed in Scotland , i remember rushing home from school and tying up trout patterns with new materials i had bought at the tackle shop that lunch time and Ive pretty much carried on since then well except a brief period in the 80s when i discovered rock and roll and girls but that's a different story ,

so with my impending trip to the states looming I'm getting ready by tying up local patterns to where I'm going to be fishing for bass in a small river for a few days and one of those is a crazy looking thing called a hellgramite no i ain't wading barefoot in the streams with these feckers around.

so the first tie didn't quite work as i planned as i wasn't really thinking about what i was doing it had been so long since those early days of doing dubbing for trout flies i guess i was concentrating a bit to much on the technique over the pattern itself but actually i quite like it anyway .

size 4/0 devils own insect pet

so after a quick reference on the net for pictures of the devils own pet insect i was ready to go again this time with the pincers intact i think i have come up with something a little bit more closer to the mark i hope , although the next version i will have rubber legs instead of saddle hackle legs which i think are better on shrimp patterns , hopefully by the time i land in the states i will have a box full actually i wonder if ill get away with tying on the plane .

so it gets to that time again when i really need to empty my board a bit i enjoy what i do so much i sometimes forget how many of the things i tie in a week so ill be on the video box trail as well this week for new homes for the things and then i can start the process all over again ahhhh happy days

tight lines fluff flingers
mcfluffchucker (a cave in Scotland)

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pikepicker said...

sweet post bro...those are some kick ass dobs man...smallmouths love those buggers! I can't wait to see the rubber legged version...will dig around to find my 1 of 12 bass boxes...hmmmmmmmmm????