Tuesday, 29 December 2009

the tuesday tie off with ken capsey

this week it was my choice to choose the tuesday tie in with ken over at


so my choice this week was dna fibre in any form but you could mix it up with other materials and the finished product must be a baitfish for pike

ok so pattern 1 above is an all dna holofusion tie on a 4/0 sakuma stainless hook and comes in at 6 inchs long, by starting thin at the tail end and increasing thickness of the material up to the eye you get a really great profile when wet which is where dna really comes into its own as a material when wet it even feels like a fish

pattern 2 is based on rainbow trout colours and uses not only dna holo fusion but also uses dna frosty fish fibre, colours in this one are pearl , pink , lavender lateral line , red , and an olive back , this fly ive only slightly wetted so you can see the big back profile using the combination of the 2 give you not only flashs of sparkle but a great shean with the dna frosty fish fibres

pattern 3 is made up with dna holo fusion pink body with a lavender frosty fish fibre head , surprisingly the colours are not something you see widly used in the uk for predators but ive had some great days sport on them so give those colours a try if your going through a dry tie period

tight lines till tommorow and hope you enjoyed the tuesday tie in with ken capsey his flies from today can be found here http://pikeadventures.blogspot.com go check out the rednecks work

dave mcfluffchucker
(a cave in scotland)

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