Tuesday, 1 December 2009

new shit

well that time of year again well every couple of years, i turn my attention to looking for a new vice as they tend to get a bit of hammer over the space of a couple of years , so was talking with my opposite in the states ken capsey from pike adventures about this and as he had some time to spare he went trolling the net for ideas and i had a look over this side of the pond . a vice for a pike fly tier is a special thing as it has to take some really big hooks (up to 8/0) .

so eventually i found the vise i wanted at orvis in Edinburgh after taking a load of big ass hooks down to try it i found it to be perfect for what i needed (thanks for the hard work ken)

so the jaws with a 3/0 gamakatsu in it well i was very pleasantly surprised at how solid the hook hold was after putting it in i really couldn't shift it no matter how much pressure i put on it impressive

the rotary system (mmmmm not seen that before on any of my vices) very sweet and easy to use

ready for action nice shape and plenty of working room without getting into a mess , the bobbin holder i wont use for bobbins what this will do is hold bunch's of flash with a bull clip so i can size and cut them a lot easier than doing in by rummaging around the desk for material

the down side

this for me was the only downside of the vice the cut away at the back meant i couldn't get the height that i like to tie at as the steel stock needs to be positioned so it goes through both holes to keep it vertical if you miss a hole then it leans towards you , saying that this wont be a problem for everyone its just the height i like to work at

i got around this problem by using the g clamp from one of my other hand made vices and it fitted perfectly so for me anyway problem solved and i can now look forward to many happy years with this vice .....tight lines Dave

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pikepicker said...

very nice bro...is that a glass of kool aid???? buhahahahaha