Thursday, 3 December 2009

rubber buggerz and tubez

a new up coming addition to the pike and predators is going to be a new take on some classics now I'm developing this new idea of flies mainly for smallmouth bass in the u.s.a and perch , chub etc in the uk along with ken capsey from pike adventures , kens rubber buggerz clousers have got to be seen to be believed and he got some great underwater shots of them as well and I'm sure the new range is going to be a big hit along with the new take on a woolly bugger below (incidental tied on a 1/0) so stay tuned when the page is ready ill post on the blog. so we have been both deep in conversation and at the vice via skype and webcam developing the ideas for these , modern technology is brilliant (anybody remember letter writing)

so also this week i can show you a new fly called a tubez , originally i started tinkering with tube flys a couple of years ago but didn't really do much with them although i found them fantastic with a wigglefin action disc on the front to troll with a fly rod and fast sink / or leadcore line when the weather made casting difficult of a boat .

but the tube fly as i said i didn't really do much with after i had tied a few so i just left them on the website for people to have a look at , then about a year ago i was contacted by an English angler who wanted me to developer something for him for a specific deep water targeting zander which i gladly did the only thing was he didn't want me to post the patterns i was doing so as he was the customer i duly obliged until now as he has moved on to a different water and has bagged up on these so he has said i could use the pics however i wished ( hes now moved on to chasing big pike in running water and big saltwater species with some totally new designs ) .

what he wanted was a fly that could be used on a fly rod and on a light fixed spool for jigging purposes , one fly for 2 methods well i like a challenge so after some emails back and forth and some proto types in the post i came up with and idea he said was perfect for the job , although with this fly a lot of its success comes with the rigging of the fly which was developed after a fashion from the the pelagic game species hunters highly efficient hook ups but unfortunately both myself and the customer ain't giving the rig up yet so that one you'll have to wait for .

so all ill say for now (as he looks in here) is terry its been a pleasure working with you this year and have a blast in Azores i know you'll do great

tight lines for now folks


pikepicker said...

Bro...that Terry fella is on lucky chap...sure he will mop up with the new pattern in Azores....lucky fella......shit!

dave lindsay said...

thanks ken not sure if hes going to use mine out there as he has some big flies for the salt from a florida tier but be interesting to see the results if he does , hes fishing both afloat and off the shore so i guess mine will be used of the beach/rocks