Wednesday, 23 December 2009

ho ho ho

well the view outside the cave is grim with around 6 or 7 inch's of snow outside so my promise to her indoors to cut the grass cant be fulfilled so theres only one thing left to do.


yup huge massive sub bugs with the pulling power of a cold pint on hot day

these monsters are 11.5 inch's long sub surface sub bugs with enough action and size to get even the most lethargic toothy predator to get a chubby and attack it

built entirely for no reason whatsoever except that ken capsey dared me to do it last night well red rag to a bull hey capsey stick that in your redneck pipe and smoke it dude i wanna see what your going to come up with theres a challenge .

so will they catch fish well hell yea I'm even thinking of doing some in blue and white for bill fish doesn't matter they are 11.5 inch's long as for bill fish you tease em up to the back of the boat then toss a fly at them i know been there done it mind blowing stuff must did the pictures out .


OK so they look massive well yes they are , but they are very very light due to the make up of the materials even when wet they wont be that bad on a 9wgt the eyes have a layer of epoxy behind them critically balanced to give that all important sub bug action that toothys find hard to resist , remember think about what your tying and how it will act in the water

so as we come near the end of the year and tomorrow will be my last post till after Christmas I'm going to in January be concentrating on monster sub bugs as I'm in artist free fall just now i have millions of ideas in my head for not only monster bugs but monster bullheads can you feckin imagine a 13 inch bullhead made entirely of ep fibre oh the new year is going to be good and I've got my u.s.a trip where ill be fishing for pike muskie and largemouths and generally raising hell with ken capsey

2010 yeeeehaaaaaaaa gonna be a blast

tight lines fluffchuckers
dave mcfluffchucker
(a cave in Scotland)

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