Thursday, 17 December 2009

its a feckin monster

been going a bit nutty with flies today must be something to do with the first snows of the year here in Edinburgh so what i did was just start to do some high ties on circle hooks , circle hooks are feckin brilliant for high ties and a really fish friendly hook even lefty kreh pushes them for flies and hey you cant get better recommendation than from someone who is top of there field in the sport.

so i started by tying a little bucktail baitfish high tie on a 4/0 circle

then i started to mess around with materials again on a 4/0 circle high tie style

then i though hey lets try a high tie on an 8/0 circle and came up with this ep and sf roach its a friggin monster and i loved the looked so only one thing to do now


big style 10 /0 circle hook and a bucket load of bucktail mmmmmmm eat me

a group shot to give an example of size the ones on the bottom are 4/0 the roach in the middle is on an 8/0 the top is on a 10 /0 .

OK so a 10/0 hook may be a bit overboard for our freshwater species but it would be OK for large saltwater game fish so i decided to keep it a bit more real with 8/0 circles , and they are not as large as they sound and will be perfectly fine for pike fly fishing Ive been in this game long enough to know what I'm talking about and id never endanger a fish by using the wrong or inadequate gear


Icelandic sheep hair is a great thing to work with once you get the hang of it and it pulses brilliantly in the water and you can get a great length of fly as well without adding loads of weight and because it naturally tapered its great for baitfish profile flies


blue is a colour overlooked by loads of people but its a great colour to use give it a try you may be surprised , also great for saltwater fly patterns as well .

so enjoy and get yourself behind the vice if you cant get out and fish and try something different

tight lines


Tom Herrington said...

a quiet day at the vise, eh, Dave?
Good show.
Thanks for the photos, my friend

dave lindsay said...

pleasure tom thanks for the comment